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Using News and Current Events to Increase the Value of Your eLearning Courses

by Ben Marquis on March 16, 2014

“Enhance the value of your e-learning courses”

“Enhance the value of your e-learning courses”

No matter what eLearning platform you’re using, whether Digital Chalk eLearning Platform or another, one of the best ways to give your eLearning courses value and make them relevant is to use news and current events in the material. Doing this does have a certain risk. Current events don’t stay current for long. In fact, most news can start to become old within a matter of hours. You have a little more leeway when it comes to incorporating current events in an online course, but you need to be prepared to regularly update the content if you wanted to appear to be cutting edge.
Since one of the challenges of running a successful online learning program is having enough content, using news and current events to flesh out your examples, benefits, discussion points, and more can be quite helpful. You can also look to substitute out numerous events when it’s time to update your course, and gives the entire course of facelift so to speak. Here are some of the primary ways that you can incorporate news and current events into your online learning courses on Digital Chalk eLearning platform and others.

Look for Examples to Illustrate Core Points

“Highlight core points of your course”

“Highlight core points of your course”

One of the best ways to avoid claims that your course has no real world application is to use news and current events to illustrate the core points. Look to see what has been happening that has made national news. While you can use local news, it’s generally best to use national or international news that the majority of people are aware of. This just helps to provide a stronger context for the student. If you provide enough information, any news or current event can actually be used as an example.
The core points of your online learning course are generally the primary takeaway points of every chapter or section. The example from news or current events can either be used as a positive illustration of that takeaway point or a negative.
Be careful of using slanderous or libelous language in relation to any individuals. While free speech receives broad protections in the United States, you can still get into trouble for slanderous comments as well as libel in situations involving regular people. Current slander and libel laws provide more leniencies when the content focuses on celebrities and individuals in the public eye. Individuals in the public eye are essentially individuals with chosen to be in the public, and who by their actions have made themselves open to public scrutiny. Remember that people who just get reported on in the news are not actually celebrities or individuals in the public eye. A common misstatements and incorrect assumption of a figure in the public eye would be George Zimmerman. Even though he has been quite famous in national and international news, he is technically still a private citizen and does not qualify as either a celebrity or someone who is in the public eye. That means that do not have the ability to write anything slanderous or libelous about him or the Trayvon Martin case. You can, of course talk about the facts, and you can give opinions. Even when dealing with private citizens, generally the truth is an absolute protection to claims of slander or libel.

Look for News Stories that Exemplify the Benefits Your Courses Offer

“Link your course to news stories that increases the value of your content”

“Link your course to news stories that increases the value of your content”

In some cases, the news stories and current events can actually help you in your promotional pieces. While you need to be careful not to misquote a news story or another individual, you can potentially use the situations detailed to show why people need the course you’re offering or the benefits that they can get from it. For instance, if you’re running a course on effective self-defense techniques, you might reference a story that ran on CBS that reports violent crimes are on the rise in certain inner-city areas. Remember that you cannot say that this story promotes your course or that you are affiliated with the reporting agency. But you can potentially link to the story on your description in the Digital Chalk eLearning platform. If you want to know more about Digital Chalk eLearning platform, you can check its review. The full review is available here: DigitalChalk eLearning Platform: We Review it to Test Its Worth. After reading this DigitalChalk eLearning platform review, you can use the information to exemplify the benefits that your courses offer.

Look for Stories that Allow Interaction and Create Meaningful Discussion

The slander and libel rules relate primarily to publish content. Forum and blog discussions or course discussion that are not open to the public generally do not have to be concerned about this so long as there is no provable malice. As such, it’s great to use news and current events to spark discussion on your course. Link to some of these news stories and ask for insight into what the students think. There is nothing like something that has actually happened to get people talking and contemplating how the lessons you’re teaching them relate to real life.
For the most part, you can let the discussions go where they will. The one thing to watch out for is rabbit trailing. You can get great tools on Digital Chalk eLearning platform and others, but you have to make sure that everyone stays on topic if you want to avoid people getting sidetracked.

Look for News and Events that May Form the Basis for Exercises

“Check recent news stories and events that can help you structure your content”

“Check recent news stories and events that can help you structure your content”

In some cases, news and current events may actually make excellent sources for your exercises. The way to incorporate one of these into the exercise is to reference the news story and then have the students analyze it to see what conclusions they can come to, perhaps even providing a separate and better solution.
This tactic is often used in law schools where students are asked to analyze a case that has already gone through the legal system and receive judgment. The students are not informed of what that final judgment is, and they all have the opportunity to look at what was known, what was done, and what was said up until the point of final judgment. The benefit of this kind of exercise is the fact that it really did happen. You don’t have to worry about constructing a believable scenario for your exercise. Additionally, it connects that real world of value to the lessons you’re teaching your students.

Always Remember to Follow Reference and Research Formalities

When using news and current events, it’s best to always reference the site that you got the information from. General news and current events are not subject to the same usage laws as private creative content. You can’t just copy and paste a news article without giving proper attribution to the author, but technically you don’t have to say what article you read something in.

Providing references and following research formalities is just to make sure that your students realize the information you’re giving them is accurate. It also helps them if they want to go and get more contextual information. You will have a wide variety of students in your classes, and at some point you will have someone who wants to know where you got the information from and where can he find more about it. If you have the references already in the course, you don’t have to worry about digging it up or telling them to go and find it on their own.

How to Tell If a Review Site Is Legit

by Ben Marquis on February 24, 2014

“A site is legit if it can get you a real-life date”

“A site is legit if it can get you a real-life date”

There are literally thousands of different sites for ranking adult personals. Many of these sites claim to be legit. They go so far as to say that they absolutely promise if you join the sites they tell you to that you’ll be rolling in babes. How can you tell if a site is really going to get you laid or not – that’s the real question. With all these different sites out there and all of the conflicting messages about what sites work and what sites don’t, how are you supposed to tell the difference? Learn how to spot an adult personals scam here: and check the adult personals site rankings.

There are five basic things to keep in mind when you’re looking at review sites. One: make sure that there are real people doing the site, not just a collection of assurances that the site is good. You want to have real stories from real dudes who have tried the site out. Two: you want to see that the site has actually been tested. Three: the review had better have a good variety of sites on it, not just two or three. Four: there had better be conditions to the rankings. Just saying a site got five stars doesn’t mean anything when you don’t know why. Lastly, Five: Real stories about how the dates went. If you don’t see that, how do you know they really happened?

Real Dudes, Real Talk

“Yes, we have dating experience that is why we want you to listen to us”

“Yes, we have dating experience that is why we want you to listen to us”

You can immediately tell a real adult personals ranking site by the tone of the site. Try however they want, those other sites just don’t sound authentic. That’s because they hire out writers (sometimes even chicks) who just don’t get how dudes like us work. If they don’t sound legit it’s because they’re not. We admit, sometimes we kick this off to a girlfriend to edit, but we’re all real dudes doing the writing.

They won’t have any real stories to go with their adult personals site rankings either. Why should you believe anyone on their word, especially if that word is on the internet? Dudes are logical; we want to see real data and real results. If the site doesn’t have a guy talking about his results then it’s a big red flag. There’s probably no dude at all if there’s no data.

The other thing that you can look for to make sure you’re getting information from an actual person is real talk. A dude is going to tell you what he did and if he sealed the deal or not. We’re not bragging (much), but we know what we’re doing and we want you to know that. If you think that you’re not having for real information then find another site!

Test Results Get Results

“Find out the real numbers and test the sites yourself”

“Find out the real numbers and test the sites yourself”

You’re a smart dude. You don’t fall for ads. You’re not going to be swayed by someone just saying “we’re number one” you want proof. That’s why we go in and actually test the sites that we’re writing about. Not just for a week or two either, we test every adult personals site we use for months and then put up the ranking lists. There’s no question that we’ve done the time either, since we share how many emails we sent and the results of those emails.

Look for how long a trial has taken place and how many emails were sent. When we rank sites we compare how many emails we got back and how many dates we scored. If we got a bunch of replies and got no dates then we didn’t rank the site highly! The best way to know that you’re getting the best chance is to look at how many dates we scored.

Sure, everything is relative, but test results and numbers can’t lie. Don’t waste your time looking at just any dating site “review” trust only something quantitative. That way you can narrow down what sites to try out and stop wasting your time.

Variety: the Spice of Life

“Add some variety to your search options”

“Add some variety to your search options”

We aren’t going to tell you to just trust good reviews. Look at the bad ones too. If a site doesn’t judge at least 10 sites by the same metric across the board then something is fishy. We make sure to even show you the times that we struck out. This is important because you need to know what your chances of getting a date are out of these sites! We’ve crashed and burned more than once on our quest to get the prefect dating site. We don’t want you to suffer the same fate.

The sites shouldn’t just have adult personals rankings. It should have in-depth analysis of why the sites ranked the way they did. That means that you will be able to see how many dates we had. You’re going to figure out if those dates went anywhere (because if we dated a crazy chick, we will tell you). Real stories from real dudes about how the babes are, how the site works, and what their results were; that’s what we’re talking about. We aren’t only sharing success stories to rub them in your face. We’re giving you cautionary tales. Some of the scams you need to look out for come hidden in the body of babes. If you don’t know that a site won’t police that then you’re going to get burned.

The Grading Metric

We’re open about how sites rank and why. We’re not using only one thing when we rank sites. If an adult personals raking site only gives you the number of times they scored you can’t trust it. Why? Because they may have only been using the top five sites and using them a lot more than any other. You need to know that the sites were all given equal treatment. That means that you should see how many emails were sent, how many responses the dudes got, and what happened with those responses.

Real Stories

“Trust real stories only”

“Trust real stories only”

This is the major thing that a lot of those other dating ranking sites lack. They don’t have stories from real dudes because there aren’t any. When’s the last time you sealed the deal with a babe and didn’t tell any of your bros? Yeah, didn’t think so. We share our best and our worst stories when we’re reviewing dating sites because that’s what happened. Sure, you may have better or worse luck than we did, but you can’t go in saying that you weren’t warned.

We also are going to tell you how our emails are set up, when we use the sites, the basic ins and outs of how to get the most out of your online dating experience. We can go in-depth with this sort of thing because we did it. You can’t talk about how to set up the perfect profile off the top of your head. You need practice and you need to be able to show proof that you actually landed babes off of it.

Don’t give any time to imposter dating sites that is paid for by shady scam ads. Make sure that you’re getting real talk from real dudes. Look for the ranking system, follow the grading metric and don’t be fooled. A real site is going to have a real dude behind it. We’re paid in babes, not advertisements.

5 Startling Realities Of One Night Stands Revealed!

by Ben Marquis on December 7, 2013


“Understand the realities of One night stand”

One night stands are common among women as much as men, unfortunately, some of the harsh realities that come with one night stands are often overlooked. Women are generally attributed to caring more about the one night stand and forming a short-lived attachment to the opposite sex. Meanwhile, men often don’t care about whom they get into a one night stand with as long as the woman was attractive. You may be surprised to find that there are some startling realities to be considered when having a one night stand!

#1: Most View One Night Stand As Exciting Propositions


“Men love this excitement”

Men usually get into one night stand dating because it truly lets them roam free with as little attachment as possible to their partners. Unfortunately, a startling discovery has led researchers to believe that women only agree to one night stands because they were flattered by the mere proposition. Women tend to want to feel admired or wanted, and a one night stand offer enables them to feel good about the way they look. The idea of having casual sex with someone appears to be exciting and rarely appears to be morally compromised, especially with a little too much to drink the night before.

One night stands are another way to lead to self-discovery. It is usually understood that no contact is made after the one night stand, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t help you see who you really are. For some people, a quick fling is what helps them break out of their shells.

Men don’t want to develop a long-term relationship after a one night stand. Meanwhile, women often feel that they also have more at stake with a one night stand. It is not unheard of women get pregnant from a one night stand, but in most cases, women want to have casual sex with someone who is worthy. Short-lived flings offers the women that ability to be able to carry the best genes for their offspring or to receive a chemical peak just before their menstrual cycles.

#2: Women Exhibit More Negative Feelings Afterwards


“Women tend to behave negatively because of guilt”

In a recently conducted survey, it was concluded that meanwhile 80 percent of men had a positive feeling after a one night stand, only 50 percent of women did. Women usually want to get more out of a relationship than just a one night stand. They don’t enter a fling having high expectations, but they generally feel mortified after the fact.

One night stands aren’t as great of a self-esteem booster as some people would lead you to believe. Women who were openly interviewed about their one night stands openly remarked that they either felt cheap or just degraded. These feelings are usually attributed to the fact that the man leaves afterward and there is no usual contact later.

#3: Men Have Low Standards For One Night Stand

As was discussed, women usually enter one night stands with the false belief that they are truly attractive. The harsh reality is that when men want to get into bed, they ultimately lower their standards for a one night stand. At that point, they can find a less attractive woman to be the one night stand they need. The remarks that women make about how attractive or wanted they felt during casual sex were all justified due to the lower standards made by some men.

When women are aging or stuck in a marriage that made them feel unattractive, they often want to find solace in a one night stand. Unfortunately, the false self-esteem boost it gives overnight is quickly shattered by the unwanted realities that are publicly known or often scientifically proven. There are women in all walks of life under the sun who partake in a one night stand. Women want to feel young and fun regardless of how they truly look. A flattering comment from a man can do wonders for a woman’s ego. Unfortunately, most women overlook that usually the same pickup line they fell for has worked on numerous women before them and continues to do so because of the man’s low standards.

#4: The Real Reason For One Night Stands

Women often hide behind the idea that their one night stands occurred because they felt wanted or needed by someone. Men just want one night stands because they can have casual sex with no real responsibility to stick around afterwards. The idea that people can become ‘friends with benefits’ is simply another term that people attribute to one night stands. It is what proves that both sexes are truly in it for the feeling of sexual gratification.

Meanwhile, both sexes want sexual gratification from a one night stand, women do stand to lose more. The same image that they have built around being wanted by someone is often quickly shattered the following morning. Most men, or at least 80 percent of all men will walk away being happy and sexually gratified. Unfortunately, most women are the opposite. Feelings of betrayal, horror and shock present themselves after the fact when it’s too late to take it back. Whatever horrible the feelings women tend to harbor after a one night stand, it is clear they still get back in the game and start over with a new partner.

#5: A Mistake And A Permanent Attachment


“You can lose everything because of a one night stand”

Men may think they have nothing to lose from one night stand dating, but if you are wealthy and high on the social ladder, think again! Meanwhile, men may think that meeting a woman for a one night stand was mere chance, in most cases, the woman wanted it to be that way. Most women understand where they need to go and scout for men who are well off and worth sleeping with. Make note that they don’t actually want to become a mistress, they want to form a biological attachment by getting pregnant.

If you have ever seen the news, you know how often it is when a famous politician’s or a celebrity’s one night stand reappears claiming to be carrying the man’s child. It is with this idea in mind that some women scout men for having one night stands with. What seems to be a night of fun may actually be what ruins your life. It is easy to get caught up in the moment and assume that the woman took care of protection or a condom is not needed. Just because a man enters a one night stand for casual sex, acknowledge that women are generally plotting types by nature. It is rare to find a woman who can’t explain her actions with deeper meaning than what is perceived. So, it’s important to be prepared beforehand. The women in these booty call sites that are mentioned here:, knows what they want. The purpose of one night stand sites is to provide its users what they are looking for. People join these sites for the sexual satisfaction which they covet in their life. But, it’s advised to take precautions when meeting a date from these sites, because you can never know what women are thinking.

One night stands have different effects on people all over the world. In some societies, you are permanently shunned for the mistakes you make. In other places, life goes on as if nothing out of the ordinary has ever taken place. It is quite fascinating to see that both sexes with ultimately the same intent in mind have different perceptions of one night stand dating. Women usually walk away from the experience mortified or even pregnant. Meanwhile, men will have sex with just about anyone they can find remotely attractive and walk away with a smile. It has always been true that women are more emotionally attached than men, but when you look at the whole picture, you may realize that women are really in it to carry the perfect genes to their offspring.

Casual Sex: Are You Making Love or Just Having Sex?

by Ben Marquis on November 7, 2013


“What makes you happy?”

The act of making love implies more than just having sex with most people. To some, making love means a whole lot more than simply having a fun time in bed. This transforms sexual activity into something considerably deeper and significant that some might not be ready for. Some may say that the act of making love and having sex is one and the same. Basically, this would probably be correct. However, principles aside, having sex and making love are two completely separate things.

Well, making love, without being in love involves having sex. On the other hand, having sex, even if it is great sex, is not really making love. If it is confusing, imagine a glass of beer and a glass of wine. They are both refreshing and have their pleasing effects, but they are not the same. Indeed, some might like the flavor of one to the other, and a glass of beer might be the beverage of preference on any given casual occasion. It would however not be nice for one to order a nice glass of wine on a special day with romantic settings and all, and was served a can of beer instead.

We clearly see that one is more refined and requires more personal effort than the other. With your own circumstances, you have to determine whether you are simply having sex or making love. If you are casual sex dating, chances are that you are having sex occasionally. If you are intimate with your spouse, you will probably make love sometimes. So, are you making love or just having sex?

What It Means To Have Sex

Okay, we are all familiar with the terms of having sex. They include words like banging, doing it, boning and other rather charming descriptive words and phrases. Having sex is essentially what casual sex dating is about. It is quite simple. There are no pesky emotions to be concerned about. Having sex is not overly romantic, in fact, sometimes it is without any romance whatsoever. It is not always sensual and there is no pressure to bond on a deeper level than solely a physical one. It is basically two people of any gender or sexual affiliation, finding each other sexually attractive- or sexually convenient. This results in both parties coming together to enjoy each other’s bodies and having a moment of lustful fun. At times it is egotistical, there are instances when it is down and dirty and sometimes it is to the point and brief. The most important way that having sex is different from making love is that having sex is concerning the present, and taking pleasure in yourself and your partner to the fullest in that moment. Having sex is literally about precisely how you are feeling right now.

Natural Desire For Sexual Fulfillment


“Never let your desires go to waste”

Your sexual desire is the innate desire for contact with someone else’s body. It is deeply rooted in the sensations of pleasure that such contact produces. Sexual activity tends to satisfy such desire. Sexual activity is not closed ended. In human beings, reproduction is not the only reason for having sex. Therefore, people are not misusing their body; they are simply fulfilling another need. This need is for intimate pleasures that can only be attained through bodily contact. Occasionally persons may live on for many years without sex. It is not necessary for survival. It is more a way for entertaining our bodies through the sensations and pleasures that sex brings.

What It Means To Make Love


“Lovemaking can’t be compared with casual sex”

The act of making love is about much more than simply at the moment. Love making is a bodily manifestation of your deepest feelings about your lover. It is highly emotional and based on the love you feel for them. It is not really about getting an awesome orgasm as it is related to a much deeper level, conveying your feelings in the flesh form. Usually, making love has a tendency to be slow, sensual, not rushed and not selfish at all. It is not about casual sex dating, but more about the person who you love deeply and care for. It is not regarding reaching the climax, but more about taking your time, showing your companion how much you care about him or her.

The language of love making engages thoughts and impressions that connect instead of separating, dividing, or alienating. It culminates with the action of a psychological and emotional connection. Two persons’ hearts are beating as one, sensing each other’s spirit and soul through erotic unification. Love making always leaves a lasting impression on a person. It is something you will most likely remember for the rest of your life. Having sex is truly the contrast, unifying, filled with lustful and selfish gratification.

Which Is The Better Of The Two?


“Did you figure out the difference yet?”

It all boils down to the big question, “Which is better?” Both making love and having sex are powerful in their own ideal. It will depend on what you are seeking and what phase of life you are now in. If you are casual sex dating, then you are perhaps interested in having some pleasing, dirty sex. If on the other hand, you are in a more serious relationship, you will probably look forward to making love. It is critical to manage your objectives and know what you are going to get in order to avoid disappointment. If you truly want to, and feel as though you are ready for true love making, then do not expect to get this with casual sex dating and the other way around. And, if you want to pursue casual sex dating, then you can visit many sites for casual sex. These are some of the top casual dating websites. You can choose from the best casual dating sites and fulfill your desire of having casual sex.
On a personal basis, some people might like the idea that you are able to have sex and also make love based on your current circumstances and how you feel. Do not believe that being in love means that you will always automatically make love to your partner. Many individuals who are in love have hot steamy sex, sometimes quickly and sometimes for fun and sexual fulfillment.

On the other hand, some individuals might argue that making love is simply a courteous way of saying sex. Each of them involves the exact same physical contact, and they work in the direction of the same outcome. Maybe so, but indeed there are major disparities between the two. In honest thinking, until the moment you eventually make love, you might always think that they are identical. Subsequently, to be able to acknowledge and understand the art of true love making, you should first comprehend the needs and desires of your body. Making love is far deeper and better to some extent, but sex fulfills an immediate need for physical contact. Therefore, the better of the two can only be determined by the people involved. The action that may suit you at this moment might not be suitable the next.

How Will You Know If You Are Having Sex Or Making Love?

Everyone has different experiences, determined by their own unique situation. You will probably know what true love making feels like when you have experienced your first true love. No reading, research or explanation is likely to be able to tell you at what stage this will take place. However, lovemaking is usually slower, gentler, passionate and more intimate than simply sex. There is no rush towards the finish line. You should focus your complete attention, centered on each other’s sexual and emotional needs and desires. There should be no boundaries, no timidity and no holding back. The passion is supposedly primitive and yet you totally relax in each other’s embrace as you slowly and gradually build to intense, knee quivering orgasms. You will be on an intense emotional high, experiencing a feeling of euphoria, next to none.

Indeed, some would believe that making love is exactly like sex. Sex is filled with physical gratification, fun and passion. You both will be reciprocating each other’s sensual desires. However, keep in mind that you cannot make love unless of course both parties feel the same emotional connection with each other. This is where the main difference lies. You can always engage in casual sex dating, have a sex buddy or sleep with a prostitute. None of these are comparable to making love as you have a minute emotional connection to any of the mentioned parties. Physical fun and passion are important to satisfy a bodily need, but if you do not truly understand each other’s feelings and have deep care and desire for that person, you cannot make love. You can even be in a relationship for a long period of time and sex each other’s brains out over a million times and still not experience genuine love making. It is that complicated. After considering all things, only you can know if you are truly making love or simply having sex.

Blackberry 10: Last Attempt At Relevance By The Yesteryears King Of Smartphones

by Ben Marquis on October 3, 2013

Not so long ago, Blackberry was the king of smartphones and every executive wanted to have one. But Blackberry soon discovered that the technology industry is disruptive and changes happen at a very quick pace. Blackberry did not bother to upgrade its phones and OS and the iphones and androids of the world just took away its market share. Some of the earlier attempts by blackberry in bringing innovative products to the market like its tablet product, playbook, have not been quiet successful. In other terms, blackberry has struggled in the past few years.

Many analysts have termed the latest OS by Blackberry labelled as Blackberry 10 as a make or break opportunity for the company. It seems true given that 90% of the smartphone market globally is dominated by Apple’s iOS and Google’s opensource Android OS. The only saving grace for Blackberry has been the enterprise customers and diehard fans.

The latest model released by blackberry, named as Z10, comes with Blackberry 10. Let’s see whether with blackberry 10 is there some hope for Blackberry to gain market share or has it already missed the bus. Early reviews by many tech magazines and blogs have been positive but they also mention that the new OS may not be enough to actually entice people from the rival smartphones. The new OS relies heavily on gestures. The model z10 does not have any input key. Everything on the phone is gesture controlled. This may take some getting used to for the users but it is manageable.

Look: The BlackBerry 10

Look: The BlackBerry 10

The most important component of the new BB10 OS is the Blackberry hub. The company hopes the hub to be the center of your digital life. The hub is designed to keep you in touch at just a swipe away. It has your facebook, twitter, emails, BBMs, voicemails and other messages displayed neatly. It can be a bit overwhelming at first as your entire social and business connections are available at a single place. You can manage all the incoming and outgoing messages through the hub.

Anyone who has typed on a virtual keyboard has always prayed for a better keyboard. The blackberry 10 keyboard seems to have an answer to that. Some blogs have rated it as the best keyboard available amongst all the smartphones. Now, that’s quite an achievement. The virtual keyboard also comes loaded with predictive technology. It goes through your emails and social messages to learn the kind of words you use and magically brings the word floating above the respective key just as you start typing the word. Endgadget has reported that typing on BB 10 was very easy and fast.

It comes loaded with Voice recognition and this feature is quite powerful but as is the case with all the other smartphones, this technology is still in a nascent stage and will take time to catch up. Blackberry protect is also integrated in this new OS which means that you will be able to locate your phone in case you lose it.

Blackberry has also debuted its new app store for the blackberry users. The number of apps available on the platform is not very high as expected but their number will increase hopefully if the new OS is a success.

BlackBerry 10 in New York

BlackBerry 10 in New York

Overall, Blackberry 10 is a good and honest attempt at smartphone market by Blackberry but it does not have any standout features which will force consumers to switch to Blackberry. It may not help Blackberry to win the market share but it definitely has the potential to keep the existing customer base happy.

3 Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

by Ben Marquis on September 28, 2013

Smoking is a vice that is not easy to quit when addiction has been attained. Knowing that you are addicted and you wanted to do something about it is already halfway through the battle. The last half, though, is more difficult to win over unless you have the mind to stick to your goal no matter how many times you falter along the way. The main culprit in any addiction is the loss of, or the lack of, self-control. Developing self-control is what you need to replace the bad habit of smoking. If you want to put something out, you have to put something in to push out the other, just like filling a glass with water, you push out the air the originally filled it. With the right perspective and optimism, the journey can be easier than without.

1. Set 52 quit days with a reward.

Every New Year, most people have the tendency to write resolutions. Oftentimes, though, they fail, simply because they did not set the date. No reward is expected so it seemed that nothing is lost when fail to continue with whatever resolution they have set. What they also fail to realize is that they lost one of the most important commodity available to mankind: time. When time passes by, you can never get it back. One day lost is one day nearer to the grave. With your smoking addiction, your life time gets shorter even more. Set each Monday as your quit day. Starting the week with your goal gives a better feeling especially when accomplished. Your goal is to reach the next Monday without failing. Human as you are, you will have the proclivity to fail. Don’t hate yourself. You have another Monday coming to start quitting smoking once again. As weeks go by you should be able to see improvements. You should desire those small improvements to get you going. By the time you have totally quit, count the many Mondays that it took you to succeed. For every week that passed by without failing, reward yourself with something that you truly enjoy. Save the money you spend for smoking and use it for your weekly reward. That way you need not spend extra just to reward yourself. How much you have saved will determine how much fun your reward will be.

Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

2. Get help from others.

Most of the time, we are influenced by the people who are around us. They are also the ones who will be able to help us. Charity begins at home. Let your family know that you are quitting smoking. They are the ones who will be giving you encouragement most of the time. Let your friends and workmates know your plan. They can help by not offering you any stick, or if they wanted to smoke, that they do it far from you. If nothing works, seek professional help. Paying for help may work since you lose something the longer it takes you to succeed.

View bigger - Quit Smoking

View bigger – Quit Smoking

3. Do not quit quitting.

For a good cause, it does not matter how many times you stumble and fall. What matters more is standing up and trying again. The victory at the end of the struggle is much sweeter than the combination of all failures before.

3 Date Ideas New York: Where To Go And What To Do

by Ben Marquis on September 22, 2013

When love is in the air, you just got to have the best ideas where to date in an instant. Be sure you kill the monotony and keep the magic in between. Whether you have been dating for years or just recently cuddle up, these date ideas in New York will surely bring the thrill into the relationship. So buckle up and enjoy the possibilities of wonderful time together in New York.

Fun Date Ideas

If you want to be casual and feel relax, the following will help you ease the stress and just enjoy being together in New York:

1. A walk at McCarren Park can be very relaxing. Just watching other people date or lie on the grass. This is a great place to relax and have a Sunday afternoon picnic.

2. Go to Central Park and rent a boat. Have a leisure boat ride and just feel the breeze as your boat float on the waters. For a more adventurous activity, there is a free kayaking ride in the Manhattan Boathouse.

3. Ride bike at the central park. You can rent bikes there too.

4. Try helicopter ride and view the whole city from above.

Creative Date Ideas | Fun

Creative Date Ideas | Fun

Extraordinary Date Ideas

The following ideas will keep monotony off your dating activities:

1. Have a gun lesson. Yeah, this can really kill the monotony of just a romantic or adventurous date. The thing is to catch your date unawares. Just be sure neither of you are privy of guns or firearms in general.

2. Have a flight lesson. Yeah, another lesson to take that will certainly catch your breath away.

3. Go to charity events. If the lessons are too much, going to charity events or being volunteers to an outreach program together can be fun and proactive for the community.

The Proposal Movie Date Ideas

The Proposal Movie Date Ideas

Romantic Date Idea

If you want to date to impress, the following places definitely fit the bill.

1. Spend a romantic time at Cloister in the Met. With Hudson River flowing peacefully through a garden inspired from the middle ages brings a very romantic appeal. The gardens set in a medieval castle really can work a lot of magic. Keep a glass of wine and have some champagne after a walk through the castle in a moonlit evening.

2. Enjoy water views and the lights at the financial district from Rockefeller center while having a nice and delicious dinner.

3. Dine at Little Italy or take a romantic walk at Mulberry Street.

4. Try out New York romantic bars such as the Temple Bar for their cocktails and deliciously mixed drinks.

5. You can also dine at Russian inspired Pravda set with a very romantic environment and have a taste with their rumoured aphrodisiac meals.

Quick Analysis Of Top 3 European Public Companies

by Ben Marquis on September 12, 2013

Which are the best three European public companies that are good investments for an investor? Royal Dutch Shell of Netherlands, HSBC Holdings of the United Kingdom, and British Petroleum (BP) of the United Kingdom is the answer. A quick analysis of the performance of these three companies across several parameters gives a clearer picture as to why they are the best public companies in Europe.

Royal Dutch Shell – Multi-National Oil and Gas Company

This is an Anglo-Dutch company with its headquarters in The Hague. This company was founded in 1907. This company is actively operating in all the areas of the oil and gas sector. They include power generation, trading, distribution and marketing, refining, exploration, production, and petrochemicals. Crude oil discovery and extraction is one of the primary operations of this company. This company is also involved in renewable energy research and development. This company is one of the constituents of the FTSE 100 Index.

Royal Dutch Shell is ranked No.1 in sales, and No.4 in profits among all the public companies in the world. The company is ranked No.7 in the world in terms of Market value. It has assets worth $340.52 billion. The company employs about 90,000 people. All these factors make this company one of the worlds richest and valuable in the oil and natural gas sector.

Shell Oil Company logo. Royal

Shell Oil Company logo. Royal

HSBC Holdings – Global Banking and Financial Services

This company was founded by The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in 1991. This is a multi-national company having its headquarters in London. This company provides a wide range of financial services to more than 95 million customers all over the world. The company operates in 87 countries and has 7,500 offices across six geographical locations. Like the Royal Dutch Shell, this company is also a public listed company and is one of the constituents of the FTSE 100 Index.

HSBC Holdings is ranked No.54 in sales, and No.19 in profits among all the public companies in the world. The company is ranked No.24 in the world in terms of Market value. It has assets worth $2,549.99 billion. The company employs about 3,05,984 people. All these factors make this company one of the world’s richest and valuable in the banking and financial sectors.

HSBC Holdings on the Forbes

HSBC Holdings on the Forbes

BP – British Petroleum

The origins of BP date back to 1909. In the last few years, BP has made several large acquisitions in the petroleum sector. Some of the major activities of the company include trading and marketing of natural gas; field development and production; crude oil discovery and extraction; and transportation and marketing of crude oil.

BP is ranked No.5 in sales and No.6 in profits among all the top public companies in the world. The company is ranked No.34 in the world in terms of Market value. It has assets worth $292.46 billion. The company employs about 83,400 people. All these factors make this company one of the world’s most richest and valuable in the oil and natural gas sector.

These three companies are expected to post healthy growth figures in the next few years. All the three of them are among the global leaders. They are also expanding rapidly in their respective fields. Considering all these factors, it is safe to suggest that investments in these companies will certainly yield good returns to the investor.

Efficient Network Marketing Tips For Beginners

by Ben Marquis on September 4, 2013

Are you thinking about launching a network marketing campaign? It is important that you prepare yourself before you get started with network marketing. Keep reading to learn more about efficient network marketing techniques.

Be patient and keep in mind that building a network can take some time. You should take network marketing seriously and plan on spending a certain number of hours a week to extend and maintain your network. Do not procrastinate or try to make new friends. Remember that your goal is to find new leads and maintain professional relationships with people who are able to help you. If you believe a person is not going to help you extend your network or sell your products, you should not waste your time interacting with them.

Network Marketing will work better with certain products and target audiences

You should select a product that can easily be displayed and that is not too personal for people to talk about it in public. Your customers should also have a lot of things in common so that you can recognize groups and circles likely to be interested in your products. If your products do not really correspond to a certain type of customer, it will be hard for you to create a network of potential customers.

For some great networking

For some great networking

Learn to use the Internet to extend your network and stay in touch with customers and partners. Join social networks your customers are likely to use and create a page for your products as well as a personal account you can use to remain in touch with your partners and your best customers. Be active on these sites and keep people updated with your latest achievements. You could also create a blog or a newsletter to write about your business and your products. Send individual emails to your customers and partners to establish a more personalized form of contact.

Do not rely entirely on the Internet

You should also call your customers and partners on a regular basis and attend as many events as possible. Do not hesitate to organize your own events if you want to get all your customers and partners together. Make an effort to be friendly with everyone, present yourself as a professional and of course mention your products when you get a chance to. Do not be pushy about your products. If you feel that someone is not interested, find something else to talk about and find out if any of their friends might be interested.

Do not rely entirely on the Internet

Do not rely entirely on the Internet

You want to be constantly sharing ideas with others so that you can learn more and also help other people. This is part of being in communication with your down line, but you also need to talk to the influential people within your niche. You have to get the new information to share with your team members, and you have to grow with the business opportunity.

Give people a reason to help you sell your products

You should find out who is popular among certain circles and give free products to these people. You could also create a referral system and reward the people who help you find new customers with gift cards or even cash incentives if you can afford to. Focus on developing the branding of your product since customers will be more likely to talk and show your product to their friends if they can gain status by doing so.

The tips you just read should help you sell your products thanks to network marketing. Do more research about network marketing and take the time to establish a detailed strategy.